Exciting, but a long way off.

I am slowly crawling out of the hole I’ve been hiding in since last week’s round of assessment. I presented the beginnings of my memoir project via slideshow and discussion on Wednesday and submitted an essay on subcultures at midnight on Thursday, and then crawled home to bed. Presentation went swimmingly, essay not so much. I spent all my time preparing to speak to my class about the memoir/essay that is beginning to form from fragments, minus stuttering, minus redface. The essay suffered as a result, mainly because I finished it in a rush — still unsure of my argument, still preoccupied with understanding the topic.

On a brighter note, I was contacted this week by the directors of Critical Animals, a symposium for creative research that runs alongside the National Young Writers’ Festival in Newcastle in October. I applied to present my Honours research, and my application has been accepted — I’ll be participating in a panel on truthtelling in nonfiction writing alongside a filmmaker and a PhD student. Exciting, but a long way off. By October I’ll have a fleshed-out project, solid research findings and an idea of what I’ll be doing beyond Honours. Hopefully.

I haven’t listed my readings here for a while, mainly because there has been so much cross-over and re-reading lately. I’m currently edging through David Shields’ nonfiction work, The Thing About Life is That One Day You’ll Be Dead, which merges memoir, cultural criticism and scientific fact to illustrate the relationship between Shields and his elderly father. In the mail are David Shields’ Remote, Lia Purpura’s On Looking and Sven Birkerts’ The Art of Time in Memoir: Then, Again. Spent the last of a book voucher treating myself to (yet another memoir) Marieke Hardy’s You’ll Be Sorry When I’m Dead. Not sure when I’ll find time to read all of these, but.


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