This blog belongs to nonfiction writer and researcher, Ruby Mahoney.

Ruby graduated from RMIT’s Bachelor of Creative Writing in 2012, and is now studying RMIT’s Bachelor of Media and Communication (Honours). Her research project addresses the considerations writers should make when developing a nonfiction work. Her question (constantly evolving) is this:

David Shields writes, ‘Literary intensity is inseparable from self-indulgence and self-exposure.1

Memoir and personal essay do not encompass merely fact, but frolic between memory, imagination and interpretation. The nonfiction writer pens their own experience of the world, and many suggest this becomes self-reflective. My project-based research will explore how, as a creative writer, I can convey another woman’s experience. Through developing a work of publishable quality, does her story become my story? Does it remain “true”? Does that matter?

Beyond research pursuits, Ruby holds the positions of Health Columnist and Editorial Assistant at Lip Magazine, and Senior English Tutor at Numberworks ‘n Words.  You can find her publication history here.


Shields, David. Reality Hunger: A Manifesto. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 2010. 553. Print.


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